A Quick Briefing


“LT. Hicox, at this point I’d like to brief you on operation Kino… Basically we have all our rotten eggs in one basket. The objective of Operation Kino - blow up the basket.”

- General Fenech, Inglorious Basterds

A Quick Briefing, 8/26/2019

Not much of an article today so much as an update on the current progress of the blog/channel/whatever the hell you are looking at. Currently, I have a month left until I return to school in the last days of September and I wanted to keep the site updated as I may not have an article or video coming out later this week. I thought I’d write this not only as a way to update the site but also as a way to publicly state my objectives in the hopes that I can use shame as a motivator for achieving them. Is that healthy? Let’s find out!

I’m taking a hiatus from the “The Making of Kanye West” series as I have covered his first three albums, a period which I consider to be the first of three stages of his career. I’ve greatly enjoyed looking deeper into this artist who fascinates me on a daily basis. What started as a way to hone my editing skills for a summer internship has developed into a series of projects that I can proudly stand by as first forays into the world of Youtube and video editing. I’m aware - there’s a lot of work I need to do to make these vides more appealing, consistent, and fluid while keeping them engaging along the way. I hope that I can continue to improve them when I return to the subject. In the next few weeks I hope to release one or two videos on alternative subjects such as film, football, or politics that will allow me to attempt an alternative narrative structure.

As for the articles, I will begin to post more consistently in the coming month as the football season gets under way. This site began as a medium for me to speak freely about a fascinating sport. I don't intend to alter that purpose too dramatically. No matter how many books and articles I read, matches from decades past I watch, or articles I write, I’m left feeling even more ignorant to the storylines, legacies, and history of this mesmerizing game. The constant game of catch and mouse between myself and my knowledge of the sport encourages me to find the next story that is floating out there on the internet or waiting to be read within the pages of a book.

That being said, I began the blog feeling an overwhelming need to write about the immediate results of the Premier League. Though I soon grew old of predictions and reactions, I felt it was only right to continue the trend to the end of the season. If I gained nothing else, these articles provided a weekly structure around which I could discipline myself to continue writing.

A month ago, I published an article for The Chelsea Echo. The Chelsea Echo is a great blog that is fueled entirely by Chelsea supporters who are eager to discuss the club’s past, present, and future. I enjoyed taking a different angle to the general coverage of the Premier League. In the next few weeks I hope to expand on the topic of football as a global sport that enjoys a unique relationship with every country from Mexico to Mongolia. It was a very special opportunity granted by The Chelsea Echo and I hope to work with those guys again. They were great to work with. Check out their site if you get the chance.

The podcast, as well, will become a regular feature beginning in mid to late September. I’m currently planning a format that will allow me to discuss my varied interests in an interesting and engaging way for anyone willing to spare a few minutes to hear my opinions. The topics covered will be football, film, and music. Really specific, I know! There’s always a risk of a podcast becoming a cliche method of inflating ones image of themselves. I hope to keep it humorous and nonchalant. After all, everyone has an opinion, I’m just presenting mine.

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning of this - whatever this is - I’m wrapping up my current job and returning to school in a few weeks. As I go back to college, I’m beginning to work on one or two creative projects that won’t be featured on this site but will command a substantial amount of my time. I’m very excited about the potential of these projects and will update you (gracious and divine reader whomever you are) once they are complete.

Thanks for hanging with me on this one. I’m looking forward to what the next months will bring.