Revealed: The Identities of Jose Mourinho's Rejected Job Offers

Jose Mourinho raised a few eyebrows around the world of football when he recently revealed to a panel of beIN Sports analysts that he has already rejected three job offers. 

The Portuguese manager of mystery said, “I refuse already three options because I didn’t feel it is what I want.” 

In all seriousness, the segment was a great watch and revealed a much more playful, humorous Mou that is so rarely seen. Check it out below.

Here, at The Special One Blog, we have received exclusive information regarding the job prospects of our patron saint, Jose Mourinho.

1. Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.16.43 PM.png

After Donald Trump ousted John Kelly from his position as Chief of Staff of the Trump White House, rumors surrounded who the president would pick as his replacement. Reports suggested that many names were being muttered as suspected replacements throughout the halls of the West Wing such as Mike Mulvaney,  Rep. Mark Meadows, Rob Gronkowski, and Penn Jillette. 

With such a strong list of potential candidates, few suspected that the recently sacked Manchester United manager would be in the running for the job. 

Trump, however, put Mourinho at the top of the list when he heard of his firing. 

A White House spokesperson spoke about the reasons for Mourinho’s position in the administration, “Obviously, with similar perspectives on the toxic fake news media, Mourinho was our top priority. Also, we wanted someone who could bring a level of discipline and organization to our defensive strategy.”

Mourinho reportedly turned the job down after hearing that he would not be granted his required budget of 5.7 billion dollars to institute his desired defensive structure. 

2. Tesla Chairman 

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 10.12.41 PM.png

With Elon Musk stepping down as chairman of Tesla, the board was tasked with finding his replacement. Wishing to find someone with a similar character as Musk, the board set about looking for an international character with a strong personality who would not be afraid of defending his actions to the media. 

Mourinho seemed to be the perfect man for the job who could bring a more traditional philosophy to the blossoming automotive company. 

Jose declined the position, however, feeling it was beneath his talents. He said in an interview about his potential of working for Tesla, “I think, it is a young mans job. If I took the position, it would become too successful and we would not have anything left to sell. I want a difficult job that will challenge me on a daily basis.” 

3. Real Madrid Manager 

Yes, Madrid offered Jose Mourinho the opportunity to return to Los Blancos. Unhappy with the performance of Santiago Solari, Florentino Peres decided to give Jose a call. 

Jose made his feelings very clear in a twitter post where he remarked: “Real Madrid called… Not even I would fix that train wreck. SAD!!”