The UCL Round of 16 Draw is Tasty

The Champions League draw for the Round of 16 was held earlier Monday Morning and, for the four premier league teams in the knockout rounds, three of them are going to have a difficult road through to the next round. Liverpool face European giants and Rekordmeisters Bayern Munich. This matchup will see Klopp return to Germany to face a team he previously faced while managing his upstart Dortmund squad from five years ago. That Dortmund squad will be matched up against Tottenham, proving a difficult challenge for Poccetino’s fragile squad. Manchester United’s season just got even worse when they woke up to find that, come February, they will have to beat PSG to progress in the champions league. Manchester City got the easiest of the bunch as they will be facing Schalke - arguably the weakest remaining team in the entire Round of 16.

Elsewhere, Atletico Madrid will be facing Juventus in what promises to be a thrilling matchup. Look for Juventus to stake their claim as UCL favorites in this matchup that will see Ronaldo’s return to Madrid to face a team he is very used to scoring against.

Real Madrid drew a tricky match against upstarts Ajax - a squad who score in freakish numbers and who feature one of the most promising defenders in the world - Mathijs de Ligt. This Ajax team is a true dark horse for the Champions League this year as they are looking to return to their former prominence from decades ago. Real Madrid will have to play to their standards of previous seasons if they hope to knock off their Dutch opponents.