The UCL Round of 16 Draw is Tasty

The Champions League draw for the Round of 16 was held earlier Monday morning and, for the four premier league teams in the knockout rounds, three of them are going to have a difficult road through to the next round. Liverpool face European giants and Rekordmeisters Bayern Munich. This matchup will see Klopp return to Germany to face a team he previously faced while managing his upstart Dortmund squad from five years ago.

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Graded: Every Top 6 Transfer of the 2018 Summer Window (Part 2)


Lucas Torreira – $ 34 Million – A +

Though his most dominating performances have come from a position on the bench, Torreira has been dominant for Arsenal all season. Representing another midfielder who fits the modern game – Torreira is a short, pacy, dynamic holding midfielder whose ability to chase down the ball and win back possession sets him apart.

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